Using smartphone devices & computers so long & too much will cause Stress

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Modern life brings many conveniences, it also leads to many stresses in many different angles. Among them is the Internet. Today there is a movement to sit and work in front of the computer all day, then entertainment, work … all depend on the Internet through computer devices, tablets, smartphones …stress-at-computer

However, do you know that these agents are both addictive and draining the exhaustion of the brain? Many people feel that time seems to drift faster if they sit in front of a computer all day. That’s why the leaders, the president of the big companies, who they understand about the cruelty of time, will rarely see them sitting in front of a computer, the desk also has no computer.

In fact, according to medical experts, wifi waves emitted by emitters can affect the electric wave in your brain. There is also phone wave information that may affect the fetus from the first months. In general, these waves are not good for your spirit and status

How to overcome?
Set separate wifi devices away from your bedroom, living room
You should place wifi devices away from the bedroom. Place the office in a separate room away from your personal living space.

Control your computer time or use smartphone devices
Find the time to use these devices, the time can be 30 minutes or 1 hour just for you to handle the job or entertainment alone. If your work is highly dependent on computers, think of finding another equivalent job.
The stressors will greatly affect your quality of life. It will be difficult to completely eliminate stressors from life; because it is part of life. Moreover, life with a little stress will give motivation to development

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