The secret Guide to choose facial moisturizer for each skin type

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Moisturizing skin is an important step in your skin care process. Why is that? That’s the epidermis on the skin accounts for 80% of the water and if it lacks, it will lead to the phenomenon of dry, peeling and peeling skin. likes natural collagen production, increases elasticity for skin & make it smooth, as well as to add contribution to prevent aging progress.
However, each person with different skin types, so facial moisturizers will also have different effects on each type of skin. For moisturizing face cream to promote the best use, you should learn how to choose the most suitable moisturizers for your skin. Here are some sharing to help you choose moisturizer:

dry skin

Dry skin always lacks moisture. For people with dry skin often face cracking, cracking and peeling, especially when the weather gets cold & dry.

What is the best FACE MOISTURIZERS Top Best 10 Best Face Moisturizers fro dry skin suggested by HeraLuxuryBeauty Award 2019 

As promised we have reviewed 10 Best Face Moisturizers suggested by HeraLuxuryBeauty Award 2019. Let’s explore what one is suitable for you.

Moisturizers for dry skin are usually oily, textured in a creamy form, with ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid (water retention agent), glycerin, ceramides (cellular bonding). In addition, moisturizer for dry skin also has the effect of antioxidants, ponds including active ingredients such as green tea extract, grape, shea butter, vitamin E and C …


oily skin

Some people often think that oily skin is oily enough, it doesn’t need to be moisturized. That is a completely wrong view. Oily skin due to lack of water should lose the moisture balance, from there, the sebum system works more to produce oil that makes the skin moist. If the skin is not replenished with sufficient water and moisture, the skin will produce sebum and excess oil.

Top-Face-moisturizers-for-oily-skinTop 10 Face moisturizers for oily skin suggested by HeraLuxuryBeauty 2019

For girls or women with oily skin, Have you prepared for your skin care effectively? will suggest you some of the most favorite moisturizers for oily skin.

Moisturizing facial skin for oily skin is a water-based gel, with a water base and a thin cream texture, easily penetrates into the skin. The most effective ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid (water retention agent), Glycolic acid and Niacinamide (a ceramide-producing stimulant to build a moist membrane to protect the skin).


In all skin types, combination skin may make it difficult for girls to take care of the condition of uneven skin and oil on the face. Dry mixed skin will have more dry skin and more natural oil mix. In the first step in moisturizing mixed skin, you should choose a mild cleanser to leave your skin clean but not too dry, and add moisturizer to balance the moisture on the skin.

Skin care for combination skin is the most important thing is to moisturize. The main right products are moisturizers, milk-based lotion with mild ingredients that are less irritating because these dry skin areas are very sensitive. After proceeding to wash and soak the oil for the T-zone, you should also moisturize them to help reduce the greasy condition caused by excess oil. You can choose two separate moisturizers for two areas of skin or use for dry skin with more volume.

For natural oily mixed skin, you can choose moisturizing gels to make the product more absorbent, not to create an unpleasant sticky feeling.


sensitive skin

Sensitive skin will often make you nervous when choosing moisturizer as it’s not easy. Due to the delicate skin structure is thin, the capillary capillaries are exposed and very irritable. Therefore, if you choose an inappropriate facial moisturizer, it will make your skin allergy, tiny pimples or redness. Therefore, before choosing a moisturizer for sensitive skin, you should keep in mind the following:

– Test cosmetics before buying: test the product cream on the skin under the wrist for 24 hours to make sure no irritation occurs on your skin.

– Careful examination of the ingredient table: sensitive skin is often “uncomfortable” with ingredients such as paraben (often labeled as methylparaben, propylparaben, ethylparaben, butylparaben), foaming agent Sodium lauryl sulfate, mineral oil mineral oil, and fragrance, perfume …

Acne is a skin problem that makes you worried. Despite any ages, especially when your hormones and diets are not good, this make the skin will easily get acne. More specifically, even when acne-prone skin also needs moisture. Skin with enough moisture, enough water will regulate sebum better, reduce the pore condition due to excess oil leading to more acne.

Acne skin always needs thin, light products to keep skin clear. Therefore, a facial moisturizer when acne is also recommended to use a gel to prevent skin from greasy shine. Hyaluronic acid moisturizing cream for the skin is usually a very benign skin moisturizer, Salicylic acid (anti-inflammatory agent and mild exfoliating effect). In addition, you should also consider choosing Oil Free (Non-oil), Non-comedogenic (not clogging pores) or Non-acnegenic (not causing acne).

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