How to treat the bruise with grapefruit leaves?

If you often play sport or love outdoor activities then you might get bruise from these activities.

Bruise can make you feel painful and make your skin is not beautiful. And if you don’t treat this bruise , your muscle would be not healthy. And you might get complications leading to muscle inflammation.

This post would guide you how to easily erase this bruise with grapefruit leaves

Wow, let’s take some grapefruit leaves; just choose the not too old leaves, and not too young leaves. Now you take clean them with water. Then turn on the oven unstill it gets hot. Just put the leaves on the surface of oven

Then put the hot grapefruit leaves into your bruise. Use fingers to squeeze into the bruise to clear the accumulated blood . Just take some few leaves in many times. And after few hours, you can see improvement.