Super Miss Hong Kong look beautiful … due to sleep nude

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Miss Hongkong –¬†Sharon Yeung who was born in 1991 made many people surprised when sharing their unique “beauty” secret.
After spending a long time focusing on acting in the Mainland, Yang recently appeared in a sexy, hot nude photo. Many people admire the beauty and beautiful body of Miss Hong Kong 2015 (Miss Supranational Hong Kong).

Before being crowned a freelance model. But by 2015, the title of Miss is the ticket to help her get involved in the showbiz. Beauty quickly became famous as a model and actor. She also shared that, last time she hardly participated in filming in the mainland.

After returning to the country, she immediately started to diet and practice to regain her physique. Because her body is gaining weight, all diets must be strictly regulated. “I ran twice a day. In addition, I drink fruit juice to detoxify the body, “- Yang said. In particular, her most unique “secret” is to sleep naked to have a perfect physique.

What kind of effect does Missy Yang’s naked sleep have?

Have a deep sleep

When you go to sleep without a cloth on your body means that you are completely liberated all entangled. Your skin will adapt to a better temperature and you will not be able to feel the temperature is too hot or too cold.

Reduce stress

Nude sleep can help relieve psychological symptoms such as stress, neurological disorders, vestibular disorders, and promote blood circulation and prevent digestive diseases. Headaches that many people suffer from.

A healthy skin

When sleeping nude, the skin will be more open and increase the ability to absorb more nutrients than sleeping clothes. This improves and promotes metabolism in the body and enhances sebum secretion and sweat. Skin is always excreted so it will become healthy, shiny.

For tight waist, toned.

Cortisol is a special hormone in the body and it can cause a lot of damage. When you “sleep naked”, your body temperature is kept in the optimal range so that the body can produce better cortisol. If you over-sleep, the level of cortisol tends to stay high, even after you wake up. This can lead to increased anxiety, craving for bad foods that are not good for health, gaining weight, especially fat in the waist.

Help “healthy” area

Confinement is an extremely sensitive part that is easy to “get sick” if it is not kept clean or properly maintained. Normally, except for the rest of the bath, we tend to tie it in layers of clothing, which are soothing, damp, and cause gynecological diseases. Nude is a great condition to help “her” always dry, airy.

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