How to take care your skin with olive oil

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Any women love to have perfect, young & beautiful body skin. However, to have a smooth white skin from the face and hands, you can completely rely on the help of olive oil. According to scientific studies, olive oil contains large amounts of nutrients that are good for your skin. The following article will tell you how to use the best performance.

Olive oil is extracted from the olive tree, a popular herb of the Mediterranean. Olive oil can be considered as a very good natural remedy for the body, helping to cure arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney failure, cerebral hemorrhage.

oliu oil bath

However, olive oil is known to many women with the use of beautiful beauty. Olive oil is a very safe detergent, helps clean skin smoothly and healthy


1. Olive oil facial skin


Olive oil should be used properly to get the best results. You should apply the formula and the specific process:

– Use olive oil and skin whitening combination. After a long day of work you can brave the olive oil to massage over your face with a gentle hand massage massage for 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly with water to remove the entire makeup.

– Then add a thin layer of olive oil to relax 15 minutes to penetrate deeply into the skin. With a good amount of vitamins to help smooth white skin to see only after about 2 weeks of use.


2. Olive oil for hands


Hand skin is the most affected area of ​​the body from external dirt as well as sunlight shining. At this point, olive oil acts as a stimulant for the healing of wrinkles on the skin of the hands. You should apply the olive oil directly to your skin every day – your skin will become visibly bright.

The best time to use is at night – before going to sleep. This is when hands are not exposed to the external environment so nutrients will be penetrated deep into the fastest way.


3. Olive oil body lotion


White tea with olive oil have you tried to think of that method or not? Let’s apply the formula below for a fairer white skin:

– First, mix 10 teaspoons of yogurt with 2 teaspoons of olive oil

– Bathe in warm water

Apply this mixture to the body, massage gently and bathe again after about 15 minutes.

Yogurt is a natural whitening agent and provides plenty of moisture to the skin, making the skin smooth.

At the same time, the antioxidants found in yogurt help regenerate the skin, rejuvenate the skin quickly. So, if you want to have smooth and white skin, do not forget your whole body mask with olive oil and yogurt twice a week.

However, you should note, olive oil or homemade olive oil mask is not suitable for oily skin and hair grows fast and thick because olive oil has the ability to increase moisture and stimulate the olive oil. Growth of hair follicles under the skin. So, to whiten the skin quickly, safely, without worrying about unwanted side effects, you can refer to a method of whitening the whole body with pure colostrum safe and effective.

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