Skin care with olive oil

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No one thinks that applying the oily and hardy liquid to the skin can make the skin more beautiful, let alone excess oil is synonymous with many acne. Fortunately, skin care professionals have never forgotten that thousands of years ago, women of different cultures always used pure oil as a classic skincare secret.

Healthy skin is beautiful, and the skin is healthy only when it is provided with adequate nutrients and moisture. Few people know that our skin is always secreting a natural oil to absorb and retain water in the environment. This oil also prevents dirt in the environment from penetrating deeply into the pores.

Excessive abuse of cosmetics often deprives the natural oils of the skin, which makes the skin dry, vulnerable and unprotected. Aging also makes the skin’s recovery power worse, while the self-lubricating secretive mechanism is no longer working perfectly. Don’t be surprised if you use a daily moisturizer that still doesn’t shine, because in moisturizers it can contain crude oil that clogs pores, contains aromatherapy that causes skin damage and basically promotes loss of ability to regulate necessary moisture.

The battle for chemicals in skin care products has never ended, but at least the beauty fans have made the choice that they can breathe with the formula made from most of the nutrients themselves. Of course.

olive oil can be used to for makeup, exfoliate and moisturize

Oil and oil-rich products are used in skin care based on the principle that “compatibility is attractive”. The natural oil layer of the skin after being released and rounded up its responsibilities will harden and combine with dirt to fill the pores. When using skincare oil, the permeability and compatibility between the oil and the natural oils of the skin will make the layer harden on the skin and in dissolved pores, taking away all dirt and providing nutrients. Essential substances for new skin.

Clean your face with olive oil

Step 1: Use olive oil to massage your face thoroughly so that the oil penetrates deeply, softens the skin and removes all dead skin.
Step 2: Use a hot towel to dip the hot water, squeeze dry and cover on the face, the heat will help open the pores for the oil to penetrate deeper and push the residue out.
Step 3: When the towel is cool, use a gentle towel to remove excess oil and dead skin and other contaminants. Repeat this step several times until the skin is completely clean. The skin will be clean, soft and not tense. A drop of oil can be applied evenly to the skin to provide more nutrients if needed.

Typical products:

1. DHC Cleansing Oil

Queen of oil makeup remover. This product with the main ingredient of olive oil originated in Japan and has always been rated excellent on all beauty forums, websites and blogs worldwide. Characteristics: soluble in water, leaving no oil on the skin after use, and also contains Vitamin E moisturizing the skin.

2. Clarins Face Treatment Oil

Clarins day and night facial care oils work to balance moisture, treat acne and brighten your skin thanks to the perfect combination of 6 essential oils: Roman Chrysanthemum, Geranium, and Chestnut , Lotus, Rosemary and Fragrant Bucket The product is loved not only by its remarkable effect especially on acne skin but also because the scent cannot be more zippy.

3. L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil

Oil capable of foaming? L’Occitane creates this magic with Paraben almond oil baths, contains no artificial aroma, oil-based but remains clean and does not leave greasy, L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil deserves to be put in The girls’ baths like natural beauty.

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