How to choose the food for people with diabetes?

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Diabetes is closely related to eating, it is important to control the amount of food you eat & how to choose the food.

So what should diabetics pay attention to in daily eating schedule? What foods help reduce sugar effectively? here is our suggestion

1. Eat less to help prolong life

There are many people with diabetes who are quite fat, if they don’t control eating habit, it will be difficult to control blood sugar and blood pressure as compared with people with normal weight. For people with diabetes, first need to “shrink” the stomach, by changing the amount of food eaten and the amount of activity. The best advice is to leave the dinning table when you’re still hunger.

some type of food for diabetes

People with diabetes should eat low-calorie, high-fiber foods, such as raw vegetables or raw nuts

If you eat less every day, people with fairly large stomachs will gradually shrink to normal levels. After losing weight, life expectancy will increase accordingly. Clinical studies have found that if 5 kg is reduced, blood sugar and blood pressure will have positive changes.

2. Enjoy delicious dishes in moderation
There are many people with diabetes who do not dare to eat sugar, have to suppress their desire to eat well and feel very miserable. In fact, it is still possible to enjoy delicious dishes, such as buttermilk, butter chocolate … when cravings can also eat a piece, even eat two pieces, but absolutely not full plate.

3. Good control of hunger, blood sugar will be stable

First, people with diabetes should eat less and divide into several meals and eat before they feel hungry. For example, you will often have a feeling of hunger around 3pm, so you can eat a bit of biscuits, wholemeal bread, etc. at 2:30 pm, then there will be no hunger for 3 hours. Also, blood sugar will be stable.

good food for diabetes

Eat some baked goods, whole wheat bread … to reduce the craving for sugar.

Secondly, eat low-calorie, high-fiber foods, such as green vegetables or coarse grains, instead of long-filled flour, so that there will be no hunger soon.

4. How to eat to reduce sugar

add rice with beans such as red beans, black beans, green beans, beans, vegetables such as peas, carrots cut pomegranates, sliced radishes, etc., or high-fiber raw nuts like barley, corn, oats, glutinous rice … to reduce digestion speed, avoid absorbing rice too quickly, so that insulin does not work well, leading to high blood sugar.

black bean

Eat onions

Onions contain organic ingredients that reduce blood sugar like tolbutamide, when entering the body will create quercetin with diuretic and support cells to use glucose more effectively.

Onions are divided into 3 types of white, yellow and purple shells, the richest purple onions and the most effective for reducing blood sugar. Diabetic patients should eat about 25 ~ 50 grams of onions at each meal to reduce blood sugar.

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