Effective Natural Home Remedies to clear Melasma

By the age of 30, many women suffered from Melasma, which leads to loss of confidence. We are writing this guide to help you wipe out the unwanted brown spots on the skin without spending too much time any money. These are four effective and easy ways to treat Melasma at home.
1. Zucchini

Figure 1. Zucchini


Zucchini is not only used to make dishes but also helps to make skin beautiful effectively. Zucchini is considered an efficient way to treat Melasma at home.


• 500 g of Zucchini

• 300 ml of alcohol


• Wash unpeeled Zucchini and cut into pieces

• Put the zucchini pieces (not removing the seeds) and alcohol into the pot

• Add 300 ml of water to the pot

• Cover the pot and let it composted by coal

• After 1 hour, pick up zucchini pieces to a bowl and crush the pieces

• Put the crushed pieces into alcohol and stir well

• Filter out residue

• Simmer until it takes glue form

Method: Apply this ‘glue’ to your brown spots for days. This natural facial treatment method will restore the brightness to your face.

2. Piper betel leaves

Betel leaves

This is the traditional way to treat Melasma used by women in ancient times. Betel leaves have antiseptic effect and help to fade melamine so betel leaves not only have the ability to treat Melasma but also help brighten skin quickly.


• 100 g betel leaves

• Half a tablespoon of salt


• Wash the betel leaves

• Manually crush the leaves or put the leaves to the blender to make a smooth solution

• Add a few tablespoons of salt to the solution

• Use sieve to filter the water of betel leaves.

Method: Apply the betel leaf water to the brown spots on the skin and lie still in 20 minutes. After that, wash your face thoroughly. For safety purpose, you should test if you are allergic to betel leaf water before applying it to your body. The testing phase is simple: Apply it on the back of your hand to see if there is allergy to the skin.

3. Honey and Turmeric

Honey and Turmeric

Honey and Turmeric

The combination of honey and turmeric is the modern way to treat Melasma. Curcumin essence in turmeric and honey will inhibit melamine, which helps prevent hyperpigmentation and brighten skin.
• 1 tablespoon of honey
• 1 tablespoon of turmeric starch
Preparation: Mix the 2 above mixtures in the 1:1 ratio
Method: Wash your face and apply the mixture to your facial skin to form a thin layer on the face. You should wait for 30 minutes after cleaning your face. Note that you can apply this mixture on your face three times a week. But each time, after the implementation, the skin should be carefully shielded from the sun (or apply sunscreen).

4. Eggplant



Using eggplant is one of the best natural home remedies for treating melasma.
Ingredients: A fresh eggplant
Preparation: Cut the eggplant into thin slices
Method: Apply the eggplant slices to the brown spots on your skin. You can use the hands to massage the pieces in a circular motion. This is a home remedy that you apply in a daily basis. It only takes about 15 minutes per day for a week to get good results right away.

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Super Miss Hong Kong look beautiful … due to sleep nude

Miss Hongkong – Sharon Yeung who was born in 1991 made many people surprised when sharing their unique “beauty” secret.
After spending a long time focusing on acting in the Mainland, Yang recently appeared in a sexy, hot nude photo. Many people admire the beauty and beautiful body of Miss Hong Kong 2015 (Miss Supranational Hong Kong).

Before being crowned a freelance model. But by 2015, the title of Miss is the ticket to help her get involved in the showbiz. Beauty quickly became famous as a model and actor. She also shared that, last time she hardly participated in filming in the mainland.

After returning to the country, she immediately started to diet and practice to regain her physique. Because her body is gaining weight, all diets must be strictly regulated. “I ran twice a day. In addition, I drink fruit juice to detoxify the body, “- Yang said. In particular, her most unique “secret” is to sleep naked to have a perfect physique.

What kind of effect does Missy Yang’s naked sleep have?

Have a deep sleep

When you go to sleep without a cloth on your body means that you are completely liberated all entangled. Your skin will adapt to a better temperature and you will not be able to feel the temperature is too hot or too cold.

Reduce stress

Nude sleep can help relieve psychological symptoms such as stress, neurological disorders, vestibular disorders, and promote blood circulation and prevent digestive diseases. Headaches that many people suffer from.

A healthy skin

When sleeping nude, the skin will be more open and increase the ability to absorb more nutrients than sleeping clothes. This improves and promotes metabolism in the body and enhances sebum secretion and sweat. Skin is always excreted so it will become healthy, shiny.

For tight waist, toned.

Cortisol is a special hormone in the body and it can cause a lot of damage. When you “sleep naked”, your body temperature is kept in the optimal range so that the body can produce better cortisol. If you over-sleep, the level of cortisol tends to stay high, even after you wake up. This can lead to increased anxiety, craving for bad foods that are not good for health, gaining weight, especially fat in the waist.

Help “healthy” area

Confinement is an extremely sensitive part that is easy to “get sick” if it is not kept clean or properly maintained. Normally, except for the rest of the bath, we tend to tie it in layers of clothing, which are soothing, damp, and cause gynecological diseases. Nude is a great condition to help “her” always dry, airy.

Tips to choose lipstick without lead

Choose a lipstick without lead ingredients such as mineral oil, paraffin, white oil, and liquor. A lot of lead will make our lips darker, so is there a way to know which lipstick is lead? A small lipstick today is almost an insoluble object of all women

Why in lipstick / cosmetic contains lead?
Lead in lipstick helps to lipstick long lasting, durable color. However, you do not need to worry too much because lead is a natural mineral, so it is present in many things we use daily such as foods, fruits, vegetables or even in the air. “The average amount of lead that every woman has in cosmetics is about one thousandths more than the amount of lead they come in contact with,” says John Bailey, vice president of global affairs at the Cosmetics Association. daily breathing.

women and lipstick

Lead is not the ingredient that manufacturers of lipsticks add to the product because they are not beneficial. Lead in cosmetics that we often say should be correctly understood as lead in the coloring used to make cosmetics. Things that are red, pink in color or in nature contain lead. Pink contains the highest lead content, followed by purple and finally red. Scientists say that the minerals used to lighten red to pink and purple can increase the amount of lead in cosmetics.
3 ways to test lead in lipstick, choose the most popular lipstick
You are still worried that lead in the lipstick will affect your skin and beauty, in fact, sadly, most of all lipsticks contain lead. Because if you do not lead, your lip will float very fast and will not keep the color. However, you should not worry too much, lead is a natural mineral so it is present in everything we use everyday. Lead in cosmetics is just a source of lead oxide minerals, the amount of lead in the bottle is only a few parts per million, so often not listed in the list.

Check the lipstick ingredients before buying
Lead is known to be one of the toxic components but is often used by some cosmetic brands, especially lipstick.

Avoid lipstick that contains mineral oil (liquit paraffin, white oil, liquit petroleum)
Choose a lipstick that contains shea butter or jojoba because these ingredients have a function of replacing the oil, which is very effective. Do not forget to choose sunscreen with SPF.

2 / Lead in gold jewelry
Lead in cosmetics is just a source of lead oxide minerals, the amount of lead in the bottle is only a few parts per million, so often not listed in the list.

Because of not being able to invent a component that replaces lead to keep the color of the lipstick, the lipstick is so long that even major cosmetic firms use lead in their production. But you should not be too worried because with the brand name cosmetics, lead in a lipstick is strictly regulated to ensure that does not affect the health and skin of the customer.

Experience the sisters or the ears to each other to check the lead on the lip is for a little cosmetic on hand and rub the gold. If the cosmetics turn black then it is leaded. In fact, in addition to the lead, other components such as wax, oil, color components, sunscreen components … when exposed to gold are appearing black as the test with lead. Therefore, this method of testing can not be absolute. Specifically, there have been tests that researchers scanned four different metals (gold, silver, copper, pewter) with a waxy component (a cosmetic ingredient) on a piece of paper. White and the results on the paper also appear black streaks. Therefore, it is not possible to say that all products that are discolored by gold contain lead.

However, to be safe you can use this method, but not based on whether the black comes after the gold rub to conclude whether the lead or not, but to rely on dark or dark streaks. If only slightly dark, less lead, acceptable. But if the streaks of rubbing with gold turn to black, darker is the amount of lead in lipstick too high, will be very harmful to your skin. Here’s how to choose a safe lipstick for women

3 / Lead with lead in water

test the lipstick

First try with water, if rubbed on the back of the hand, then if the hand rub strongly see the lip soluble in water, that is the type of lipstick should be used.

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How to treat the bruise with grapefruit leaves?

If you often play sport or love outdoor activities then you might get bruise from these activities.

Bruise can make you feel painful and make your skin is not beautiful. And if you don’t treat this bruise , your muscle would be not healthy. And you might get complications leading to muscle inflammation.

This post would guide you how to easily erase this bruise with grapefruit leaves

Wow, let’s take some grapefruit leaves; just choose the not too old leaves, and not too young leaves. Now you take clean them with water. Then turn on the oven unstill it gets hot. Just put the leaves on the surface of oven

Then put the hot grapefruit leaves into your bruise. Use fingers to squeeze into the bruise to clear the accumulated blood . Just take some few leaves in many times. And after few hours, you can see improvement.