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Where to buy the luxury cosmetics?

Wow, when the market is huge, it’s hard to find a good, suitable cosmetics. Don’t worry about this, from now, you can find the best […]


Skin Care

oliu oil bath

How to take care your skin with olive oil

Any women love to have perfect, young & beautiful body skin. However, to have a smooth white skin from the face and hands, you can completely rely on the help of olive oil. According to scientific studies, olive oil contains large amounts of nutrients that are good for your skin. The following article will tell you […]


What type of fruit is good for your skin?

Some types of fruit are not only good for your body, and be your skin too Green Tea: This is one of the best drinks for a healthy complexion. Green tea promotes metabolism, anti-inflammation and may even reduce the risk of some cancers. Yes, a good cup of tea every day is nothing. Mango: Do […]

Weightloss tips & advices

food for lose weight

The more food you eat these food , the more you lose weight

Surely many of us are unhappy with our bodies, especially the ladies, just want to be a little slimmer. In fact, the body is too thin or too fat is not good, health is the most important. So, who wants to lose weight should eat what to fat the most effective? Please note the following […]